Without Versa-Rail
Climbing in or out of your attic can be dangerous with nothing to hold onto.
With a Versa-Rail 
 But with Versa-Rail you can enter or exit your attic feeling secure and confident!
Versa-Rail Installed 
 The Versa-Rail surrounds the  ladder opening with a safety railing that becomes dual grab bars at the front.
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BPG wants you to be safe when working in your attic, so we invented the Versa-Rail to surround your ladder opening giving you the Ultimate Attic!

Using the attic for extra storage space is a common practice among home owners.  Whenever you are in your attic, the unguarded ladder opening poses a serious falling hazard. The new Versa-Rail provides a safety railing around your ladder opening, making your attic safer for you and your family members.

In addition, attic ladders are steep and shaky. When you have nothing to hold onto, getting into the attic from the ladder is both cumbersome and dangerous.  The Versa-Rail will provide dual grab bars so that you can step from the ladder into the attic confidently while remaining upright.  When you have the Versa-Rail you won't feel the need to squat down or sit before stepping from the attic onto the steep ladder!

The Versa-Rail installs quickly with ordinary tools, making it an easy project for the do-it-yourself handyman.  It adjusts to fit different size openings from 22"x 54" to 30"x 60".

  • Reduces the risk of injury from falling while entering or exiting the attic via the steep attic ladder.
  • Reduces the risk of serious personal injury from accidentally falling through the ladder opening.
  • Dual grab bars give comfort & security when entering or exiting the attic via the ladder.
  • Provides a safety railing around the ladder opening in your attic floor.

For more detailed information you may download the Versa-Rail Brochure, Versa-Rail Specification Guide or the Versa-Rail Installation Guide.

To see a demonstration, view the Versa-Rail Video on this page.

Versa-Rail Awards:

  • Product Name Specification Price Quantity
  • Versa-Rail 60 Fits 22"x54" up to 30"x60" $295

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