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How do you spell "GREAT!!??"  I would not be having a Christmas without my Versa Lift.  No way could I have gotten all the Christmas items that my deceased husband had placed in the attic without the lift. Now I push the button, pile things on the lift, send it up and away out of site…  The installation was… performed quickly, cleanly and with no disruption. Not only am I impressed with my (Versa Rail) stair rails, but so are the vendors that must access the attic area, i.e. air conditioning people, electricians, etc.  Please try to impress upon everyone purchasing the lift that the railing enclosure is a  must!!  The entire package is well worth it.  The only thing wrong with the entire package is-------- IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE SOONER!!!    Thank you.    

--Geraldine Gawle, Texas      
 I just got the Versa Lift installed.  I've purchased and put together many, many things in my 65 years.  I have not encountered anything so well designed, precisely engineered and impeccably operated as the Versa Lift.  Even the installation manual was professionally written and very easy to follow.  This is one of the best purchases/investments I've ever made.  I now look forward to moving "stuff" to my attic and back to my garage again.      
                                                                      Mike Bullard, Tenn.      

For my husband who recently replaced both knees. The versa lift is like having an extra person to help as we moved belongings into the attic of our new garage. It's design and strength saved multiple times up a down the conventional attic stairs. Everyone we showed it to has wanted one. One of the best investments ever!

Highly recommend!!!!

                                               Sincerely, William & Sindy Lunsford      

I installed a Versa Lift with wireless Remote model 24W in my existing home in about 4 hours. Packaging was excellent and the manuals are clear and easy to follow. The unit performs Perfectly. However, videos and pictures don't do justice to the Quality of the Versa Lift construction...Premium Materials and Great Design equals a Very Solid Lift Assembly! It is installed on 15" rafters across the bedroom hallway wall joist and Easily handles a 200lb load without a hint of strain!! This unit will certainly make our seasonal home attic storage activities much safer and relaxing...Thanks BPG!!!

--Ted Torres, Louisiana      

I just want to tell you how much we are enjoying our new Versa Lift!! When people come over, it is a must see and they are all amazed. I can unload an entire full sized pickup bed full of boxes and other items in two lift loads and I am done. NO carrying anything upstairs. All of it goes right up to my climate controlled store room. We have not carried one thing upstairs or brought one thing down that we did not purposely choose to. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest purchases I have ever made! Thank you for your excellent work and installation! (Sometimes I use it when I don't really need to because it works so well and is so easy)  What a great invention!!!

--Michael Bell, DDS, MAGD, Texas      

I completed the installation of my new Versa Lift yesterday and all I can say is “Wow!” Since we have limited storage space in our Naples, Florida condo, this unit is just what we needed to take the chore out of storing items in our garage attic. Since I am capable, I installed the unit myself. Your Versa Lift is well engineered and very well built. Both my wife and I are very impressed and pleased. Several of my neighbors have been looking in while I was installing the unit and I’m guessing that at least one will want to buy one too.

--Bill Derby, Florida      

The VersaLift was the perfect solution to keeping my garage/shop neat and tidy.  It was easy to assemble and install and simple to operate.  An xperienced DIY'er, it took me less than half a day to have it up and running.  It is very sturdy and easily lifts a 200 pound load.  In one afternoon, I completely cleared my garage of the countless items cluttering both bays and moved them to the storage space above.  Before the Versa Lift, both our vehicles had to be parked outside.  With the Versa Lift, it's easy to maintain plenty of room for both cars while equally easy to access anything I might need from the attic above.

--Jim Blackburn, North Carolina      

We purchased and installed a Versa Lift attic storage lifting system in our garage several months ago. We have all our holiday decorations and some long-term storage items in the attic. Since we are retirement age, it was getting progressively more difficult to haul these items up and down the attic stairs. Now, it is so simple to put boxes of items on the Versa Lift and press the button to have our decorations taken down to use for at least four holidays a year, then stored back in the attic until the next time they are needed. We no longer dread going to the attic to retrieve items or re-store them!

--Douglas Schultz, Texas      

Normally when you downsize you get rid of a bunch of stuff - not in our case. One of the great features of the home we purchased is 500 sq ft of decked attic over the garage. However, the garage ceiling is 10' tall, making it an accident waiting to happen to get all our stuff into the attic. We looked at several homes before we purchased this one and one of them had a Versalift. We decided it would be prudent to install a Versalift in our new home. My son and I cut the hole in the ceiling, assembled and installed the Versalift in half a day. We're both pretty handy and had the materials and tools necessary for the job. The instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. The Versalift was the perfect solution to our problem.

--Gary Boyd, Arizona      

I am an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP). I formed my business, Stage Right Designs LLC, 5 years ago and have slowly amassed a large amount of inventory. I have resisted the temptation to rent offsite storage space and have struggled with keeping it in my garage, basement and every other nook and cranny I could capture in our house. One day I was reading The Handyman magazine (one of my favorites) and found your ad in the back of the magazine. I couldn't wait to show my husband when he got home from work that night. The answer to my dreams!

We ordered and installed the two story smaller version. It is installed in our 2
story foyer and takes my inventory to the attic with a push of a button! I have
shared the video with many colleagues and friends. To a person they are totally blown away by the product and so am I! THANK YOU! You have saved my life and my back!

--Karen DeRuyter, Georgia      

I built a storage loft to hold seasonal decorations and financial records. Before my knee surgeries, I could carry containers up the ladder to the loft. I am not able to do that anymore. The Versa Lift has allowed me the continued use of the loft. I also use my Versa Lift to carry my shop vac and paper shredder up to the loft, which provides me the opportunity to work up there. The 200 lb lift is exactly the right size for my needs and is a reliable method of storage access.

--Susan De Antonio, California      

We had purchased a builder's spec home that was almost "perfect", it has a pull-down ladder to access the attic, but we would have preferred walk-up stairs.  It would have been a huge expense and major construction to install stairs to the attic. The Attic Lift is so much more efficient!  No more carrying boxes and tubs up or down the stairs, just set them on the lift and up or down they go without any heavy lifting.  This is one home improvement that will increase the value of any home. 

--Mary Mercurio, Texas      
I just built a new garage in Georgia, where my wife and I retired in November. It has an oversized four car capacity. But the real advantage is that it has a full sized attic over the garage that will be used for my wife's extensive Christmas decorations and her materials she uses for crafts. I also will store parts and materials for my metalworking and woodworking projects. Being in our 60's, we were worried about carrying all the boxes that store that material up a flight of steps. So when I found out about the Versa Lift by searching the internet, we immediately ordered a standard model. I installed it myself in short order using the well written instructions. I've been using it to move boxes, some as heavy as 100 lbs., effortlessly up to the attic. Without the Versa Lift, this would have been a nearly impossible task for us. Thanks!  A well built product that performs as advertised.      
--Lawrence Russell, Georgia      

Just wanted to let you know that we started using our new Versa Lift this past weekend - what a great product! Don't know how we did without it! It will go a long way in helping us to organize the garage and attic. And we will be able to do it more safely now that we don't have to lug boxes up and down the stairs! And thanks for a great job on the installation!

--Jerry Ponzio, Texas      

I just wanted you to know how happy we are with the attic lift you installed.  We used it again today.  We have recommended the system to all of our neighbors.  Not only is the lift convenient, it's also a real safety story. The pull-down stairs in our garage are just not conducive to hauling often heavy and bulky items up and down the stairs... The Versa Lift is a lifesaver - figuratively and literally. The product is great.  The installation was seamless and clean.  What's not to like? Thanks! A Very Satisfied Customer.

--Larry Varnes, Texas      
 …My husband and I are huge fans of the (Versa Lift) lift and the (Versa Rail) rail… that goes around our attic stairs.  They make our attic useful and safe space.  Any tour of our house includes a lift demo.  …With the lift, I can use all of my attic storage space and know that I can get to my things any time I want.  It is terrific!  In fact, we bragged about it so much to our chiropractor, he bought and installed one at his house!      
 --Jan and Carol Heier, Alabama      
As my husband and I are finding it increasingly difficult to access our attic storage, we were very happy to discover this lift system… The lift was neatly installed in the afternoon and we are looking forward to easy use, especially as the holidays approach. We expect to happily recommend this unit to friends and neighbors over time.      
--Don and Mary Lou Wood, Texas      

Since our Versa Lift was installed, in January this year, we have completely reorganized the storage in our attic. We have been able to easily move heavy bulky boxes and luggage safely up and down from the attic and don’t need to wait for a mutually convenient time for our sons’ help! I really don’t know how we managed our attic storage before our Versa Lift! I already feel much better about the Holidays too!

--Dave Loomis, Texas      

Thanks again for the great installation... Used the Versa Lift today to put all my excess flooring and supplies in the attic… The unit works just as you said it would. My back feels better already. Ha!  Seriously, I appreciate the professional manner you handled our purchase from our first inquiry back in the spring to today's installation. The quality of the product is just as you said. All my future neighbors have been asking why there was a hole in our garage ceiling. Now I get to demonstrate what I've been telling them about. And when my wife wants all those holiday decorations, I won't be such a grumpy fool!

--Rick Harbster, Texas      

Just wanted to thank you again for the installation of the (Versa Lift) attic storage system as well as the Versa Rail and the demonstration of the system.  This is going to be so helpful for additional storage as well as being able to clear out the garage clutter.  The system works great and your installation services were professional.  I will be happy to recommend the system to my friends and co-workers.  Thank you again.

 --Leslie White, Texas      
 …By the way, we are very happy with the (Versa Lift) unit.  Both my wife and I have physical limitations that make carrying things up the ladder into the attic both difficult and dangerous.  Having just moved into this house, we have had to move upwards of 3,000 lbs of stuff up into the attic, which has been a breeze with the lift.      
 --Bob Geary, Georgia      
I bought Versa Lift in 2006. Since then, it has performed flawlessly.  It answers the problem of lifting items into an attic without the danger of falling off a ladder, accidently dropping items or keepsakes, or not being able to lift heavy items into an upper enclosed space.  My hats off to this product.  There is nothing that compares to what can be safely and reliably brought up into an attic with this.  Many Thanks,      
-Ted Moss, California      
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Versa Lift 32 and the service that I recently received.  I installed my lift 2 years ago when I purchased my house.  I bought the house because of the high headroom in the attic, it only has a one-car garage and I needed the storage space.  My lift has worked perfectly until 2 weeks ago, it stopped working.  Mr. Byers returned my call and sent me a new switch, which I installed as per instructions.  My lift again works perfectly.  I am very pleased with the lift and the company.      
-Warren De Shay, New Jersey      
We had a Versa Lift installed about 3 years ago and it has saved us so much back-breaking work.  Recently it stopped working.  I call the BPG Group who sent me a new switch, free.  Two days later the problem was solved.  It's been a long time (since) I've had customer service like that.  Thanks to Richard (Byers).      
-Ken Wehrle, Texas      

Garage Innovations installed my attic lift last week.  I am very pleased with their work and staff.  The Versa Lift has given me the ability to utilize the attic space. Not only is it like having a new storage room, but this allows for more free space in the garage.  I love my new toy!  ...P.S. The kids and I are organizing the attic and garage tomorrow.  My neighbors are going to be soooo jealous! :)

--Susan Cashon,  Oklahoma      
I have just finished the installation of a Model 24 Versa Lift.  I had no problems and I wanted to comment on the packing and shipping of your product.  I was totally inpressed with the care and protection of all of the parts and pieces during the preparation for shipping.  Even though there were "dings" on the (outer) package, the unit was re-packaged inside and did not have a mark or scratch.  It was so well secured in the package that I was not able to retain the box for warranty purposes as the directions stated.  Speaking of directions, they were clear and easy to read and follow.  It is an extremely well engineered and well built product that you should be proud of each time one leaves your plant.  I was impressed! (Obviously, since I don't usually take time to comment like this.)      
--Laurice (Larry) Bennett,  North Carolina      
Attached is a picture of the Versa Lift we installed in our Parade Home in Lubbock, Texas.  We had lots of positive comments on the convenience of the lift.  The buyers commented that the lift is one of the things that attracted them to the home due to the ease of access to the attic storage space.  Thanks,      
--Elaine Salyer, Texas      
Just as an FYI, we had Paul install the Versa Lift and Versa-Rail.  We love the product(s) and feel that it's one of the best investments we've made.  I have shared the information with several friends here at work as well as my brother-in-law and nephew who are home builders.  And I believe that one of my friends has already made arrangements to have the Versa Lift installed in his new home.  Just wanted you to know that I think you have a great product.      
  --Dee Jerome,  Oklahoma      

Two days after I completed the installation of the Versa Lift, my garage is in much better order.  Due to your ingenious invention, I have moved my car jack and jack stands to the attic I just built in the garage.  I have also moved several baby seats, seven large cartons of Christmas decorations, some loose lumber and odd assorted boxes of stuff I can't bring myself to part with.  I have also relocated several boxes full of old Harley parts up there too.  All that moving, and my back is still intact, which under normal conditions would be killing me by now... And the heavier loads I would have left on the garage floor are also up in the attic since the Lift can handle up to 200 pounds.  The Versa Lift is very sturdy, very well designed.  It is one of the best investments I have made for my house.

--Ken Jackson,  California      
VERSA LIFT!... WOW! What a back saver.  I installed the model 24 Versa Lift system and was very impressed with the way it worked.  A great product that is built very well and does just what it says it will do.  The lift came packaged in a double box system and was very well protected.  It was fun putting the Versa Lift together as the instructions were very easy to follow.  I would recommend this system to anyone needing something like this.  This is a very nice product and I wish I had gotten one sooner.      
--Thomas Warden, Georgia      
Thanks for sending the new switch assembly and detailed instructions.  The Versa Lift operates like a charm!  Below are some photos that I took this afternoon.  Everyone who has seen the lift in operation loves it.  I wish I had installed it when I built this home 10 years ago!      
--Michael O'Conner, Mississippi      
Versa Lift!!!!, Versa Rail!!!!  What can I say; it's the best thing since sliced bread.  I'm a custom homebuilder and 98% of my customers are empty nesters and retirees.  The response has been great.  All of my customers that I've built a house for, with the storage lift installed, think it's the most usable amenity in their home.  This is just a few of the comments I have heard:      

"I can park my cars in the garage now"

"I don't have to keep that mini-storage rental every month, more money in the pocket"      
"The clutter is gone in the garage"      
"I could not use my overhead garage storage before because I wouldn't carry those boxes up the stairs"      
"I enjoy decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas again, because I don't have to worry about getting the decorations up and down"      
"I don't have to crawl into my attic now with that rail around the stairs" and "I won't have to worry about backing off into the opening"      
These are just a few of the things I'm hearing from my customers. I'm installing the lifts and the rails in every house I build.      
 --Kerry Hayes,  Alabama      
 Kerry Hayes Construction Co., Inc.      

We recently purchased a Versa Lift and installed it in our garage. When we built the garage, we had it built with storage trusses so that we could use the upstairs space to store Christmas decorations, suit cases, and other items that we just did not need that often. After nearly falling from the pull-down stairway several times, we were having second thoughts about using our additional storage space. One day we saw an ad on television,checked it out on your website and purchased one. The installation instructions were laid out very well and easy to understand and follow. I was able to install the entire unit by myself in about 5 hours. As we had not installed our ceiling material the installation was that much easier.  We've used the unit many times because moving plastic storage bins, suit cases and other items between the two floors is a breeze. We highly recommend a Versa Lift for anyone that has to use a pull-down stairway to move items to their upstairs storage space. It is much safer than climbing stairs while trying to carry large bulky items.

                                                                               Dana Coburn, Tennesee      

Layne, thank you and Jason for the excellent installation of the Versa-lift and Versa-rail systems. Moving from a home in the Midwest with a full basement to a smaller home without a basement presented many storage problems that would have been virtually impossible to solve without the Versa-lift.  The Versa-lift's capability to lift many of the things that we previously stored in our basement to the attic eliminated many headaches and freed up our closets for clothes.
      Several of our new neighbors have been impressed with the quality of the installation and Versa-lift's capabilities.  We definitely recommend it to anyone with storage issues.
Thanks again,
Bob and Karen Brannon




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