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Auto-Shutter AS24 (for Versa Lift 24) and AS32 (for Versa Lift 32) 

Auto-Shutter PhotoThe Auto-Shutter is designed to provide a safety closure for the Versa Lift opening when the lifting platform moves down.  This accessory is required whenever the Versa Lift is installed inside the living space of a home, or in a closet, or in an attic space accessible by a passage door from a living space, or on a deck, or any other area where children or pets might have ready access to the lift opening.

The shutter door is constructed of lightweight tempered aluminum and is automatically deployed as the lifting platform frame passes down through the Versa Lift opening. The Auto-Shutter accessory includes all parts and hardware needed for installation, along with illustrated detailed instructions.  

For additional information download the Auto-Shutter Brochure or the Auto-Shutter Installation Guide.

Three-step photo sequence of Auto-Shutter operation: (Click to enlarge)

Auto-Shutter Step1  Auto-Shutter Step 2   Auto-Shutter Step 3

PE24 Platform Enclosure (for Model 24 only)

Treadplate1The Platform Enclosure includes two fixed end walls and two hinged ramp doors. The doors latch in the upright position to contain objects on the platform during lifting.  When the doors are lowered on either side, they become loading ramps for the lifting platform.

The unique ramp door configuration makes it easy to roll carts and platform trucks, or other wheeled items onto or off of the lifting platform, such as our Carts & Accessories.

The platform enclosure is great for lifting household items like groceries, small appliances, laundry, firewood, and more!

For more information, download the PE24 Brochure or Installation Guide. See a slide show of the PE24 & Tuff-Cart.


NOTE: The Platform Enclosure option cannot be used with the Treadplate Platform option shown below.

 Additional photo views: (Click to enlarge)

Enclosure with Groceries Enclosure with Tools  Enclosure with Tuff-Cart  Enclosure with Truck-It



TL24 Truss Leg Kit (for Model 24 only)

Truss Kit PhotoThe Truss Leg Kit adapts the Versa Lift 24 for installation in homes with truss roof construction on 24" centers. The standard housing legs supplied with the Versa Lift will not normally fit between roof trusses on 24” centers. Roof trusses must not be cut or modified because each member is load bearing within the assembly.

For this reason, BPG developed the “Truss Leg Kit” which includes specially designed housing legs that will fit between roof trusses on 24” centers. The Truss Leg Kit includes the additional hardware (bolts & screws) needed for assembly. 

For more information download the Truss Leg Kit Brochure or the Truss Leg Kit Installation Guide.

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